Kangana claims big names use dark web to access private data

Bollywood’s most fiery actress Kangana Ranaut, known for being outspoken, recently made concerning allegations about the film industry. She claimed that some influential Bollywood figures are using the dark web to illegally access private communications like WhatsApp and emails.

In an Instagram post, Kangana highlighted a new feature where phone calls display registered names in addition to numbers. She praised this update and urged authorities to address the issue of dark web misuse.

Kangana’s Instagram post alleged, “Many popular film personalities are hooked on to it, not just consuming illegal stuff from there but also hacking into everyone’s communications like WhatsApp and mails. Many big names will be exposed if they crack them down.”

Through her startling social media statement, the acclaimed actress asserted that powerful Bollywood individuals are intruding into others’ privacy through dark web tools. She called for authorities to investigate this disturbing practice.

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