CBFC blocks release of Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ in India

Dev Patel’s directorial debut, the revenge drama ‘Monkey Man’, has been blocked from release in India by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Despite the film’s global release in April, the CBFC has avoided scheduling a screening of the movie for its Examining Committee, effectively stalling its Indian debut.

According to reports, the CBFC has not provided any formal reason for its reluctance to review the film. However, it is speculated that the movie’s portrayal of the nexus between religion and politics may have raised concerns with the censors.

To address these issues, the film’s producers at Universal Studios made several changes to the original cut, including removing scenes that emphasized this connection and changing the color of political banners from saffron to red. Yet, the CBFC has still not held a screening, even though the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules mandate a five-day deadline for referring a film to the Examining Committee.

The CBFC’s silence on the matter has only fueled speculation. When approached through Right to Information (RTI) requests, the CBFC has refused to disclose any information about its decision-making process, citing a lack of “larger public interest”.

This development has left the fate of ‘Monkey Man’ in India uncertain, as the film’s release date of April 19 has long passed without any resolution. Fans and industry observers alike are now left to wonder whether the CBFC’s obstruction will ultimately prevent the film from reaching Indian audiences.

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