Tamil Nadu warns youth against overseas employment scams

The Tamil Nadu government has issued an advisory cautioning youth against an employment scam that is on the rise, amid a growing number of incidents involving fraudulent or exploitative job offers overseas. The advisory comes in the wake of the recent rescue of 83 people who fell victim to such scams.

The Non Resident Tamils’ Welfare Department has urged caution and verification before accepting any employment offers abroad. People have been advised not to get ‘enticed’ and ‘entrapped’ in such fraudulent schemes and to stay alert to avoid falling prey to these scams.

The state government’s move is aimed at protecting vulnerable job seekers from being exploited by unscrupulous agents and employers. It highlights the need for increased awareness and vigilance among youth aspiring to work overseas.

Experts suggest thoroughly researching potential employers, verifying job offers, and seeking assistance from reliable sources before making any commitments. They also recommend being wary of unrealistic promises, such as high salaries or easy visa processing, which are often used as bait by scammers.

The advisory underscores the importance of seeking guidance from government agencies and reputable recruitment firms to ensure a safe and legal migration process. By working together to combat these scams, the government and the public can help protect the rights and well-being of Indian workers seeking opportunities abroad.

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