Markets cheer as Sensex, Nifty reach new milestones post-RBI policy

The Sensex surged to an all-time high on December 8, propelled by the Nifty crossing the 21,000 mark following the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) policy decision.

The Sensex’s record-breaking performance was driven by the RBI’s decision to maintain a status quo on key policy rates and its “withdrawal of accommodation” stance to rein in inflation.

The Nifty’s ascent to the 21,000 level reflects the market’s optimism and confidence in the RBI’s policy measures. The RBI’s decision is in line with its objective of balancing growth and inflation, and the market’s response indicates a positive outlook for the Indian economy.

The Sensex’s historic high and the Nifty’s milestone mark a significant moment for the Indian stock market, underlining the impact of the RBI’s policy decisions on market sentiment and performance.

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